Chris Boller
  • Marketing

    It includes everything from logos to
    brochures to tradeshows to presentations.

    Put your company into the minds
    of existing and potential clients.

    Let's make a plan.

  • Keep it consistent

    When it comes to marketing, consistency
    is the key. Keep it consistent in look
    and message. Everything from the lowly
    buiness card to the mighty website.

Personality, positioning, and pricing = perception

Where do you sit in the minds of your customers? Do they see you as:

Expensive? Cheap? Small? Large? Hands-on? Expert? Cobbler? Artistic? Fast? Accurate?

What is your image? Do you even have an image (that you're aware of)?

How are you perceived by your customers or potential customers is due to marketing and good marketing doesn't have to be expensive.

Effective marketing will gain you valuable mind-share. When your type of products or services are needed it's your name that comes to mind.

Gain market share, extend product lines, launch new products and services, maintain loyalties by using time tested marketing techniques.



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